Our New & Improved Website

Hooray, Hooray!! Our new website is here! We are extremely excited to offer to our customers a new and improved website! Our new website features e-commerce capabilities for both commercial printing, promotional items, and silk screening and embroidery. The customer can now search, select, order, and pay, simply by using our automated website. For instance, our promotional products catalogue features pricing for thousands of items to choose from, ranging from water bottles to umbrellas. Our commercial printing site offers pricing for 4-color work to simple one color projects. Our silk screen and embroidery site features product samples along with pricing …and the list goes on and on. Now, it’s easy and simple to order with Aztec!!

Throughout the coming months we will be featuring useful and interesting blogs, such as:

  • How to save money on business cards.
  • How to make your business profitable through the use of creative promotional product marketing.
  • How to make your business shine by revamping your logo.
  • The importance of marketing your business.
  • When to ditch the old logo for a new and updated one.
  • How colors can influence people to buy.
  • How brand marketing can resurrect your business.

Let us know what you think about our new website. We greatly welcome your feedback on how we can better improve our service to you. After all, we value ALL of our customers, large and small, and eagerly look for ways on how to make your business better.!

When you shine – We shine!